Orthodontic Set

Orthodontic Set

Orthodontic Set
SKU: Orthodontic Set

All Diaswiss diamonds undergo a multi-layer diamond coating with individually controlled embedding. This complex production process is necessary to sustain a quality which meets your and our quality expectations.

Manufacturer: Diaswiss

Orthodontic Set

The set consists of 12 burs and 3 polishers, carefully selected by a professional team of Swiss dentists.

  • 204 044E.018 - Finishing 12 Flutes TC* bur (Contra-angle)

  • 204 C 194.016 - Orthodontic TC* bur for removing adhesive, cementum and old restorations

  • 110RA - Diaceram Polisher (Stone)

  • 111RA - Diaceram Polisher (Cup)

  • 112RA - Diaceram Polisher (Disc)

  • 314 044E.014 - Finishing 12 Flutes TC* bur (Turbine)

  • 314 135.014 - Finishing 12 Flutes TC* bur (Turbine)

  • 314 247UF.012 - Finishing 30 Flutes TC* bur (Turbine)

  • 314 044EUF.018 - Finishing 30 Flutes TC* bur (Turbine)

  • 314 048UF.012 - Finishing 12 Flutes TC* bur (Turbine)

  • 314 F 851.012 - Fine Diamond Safety End Tapered Bur

  • 314 F 862.012 - Fine Diamond Torpedo Bur

  • 314 C 852.012 - Super Fine Diamond X-Mas Tree Bur

  • 314 C 379.014 - Super Fine Diamond Rugby Bur

  • 314 C 858.012 - Super Fine Diamond Needle Bur

  • An autoclavable bur stand designed by Diaswiss with allocated bur slots and reference numbers engraved on the bottom for quick refill.

*TC - Tungsten Carbide

**Please note that every bur included in the set is ONLY ONE individual piece!

£125.50 + VAT
+ Vat


Diaswiss diamond instruments are manufactured in a unique quality with an extremely homogeneous and dense diamond coating. Therefore, they have outstanding durability and economic efficiency. The choice of specially selected all-natural diamonds ensures a superb cutting efficiency and a fast, efficient and patient-friendly treatment. The breadth of our diamond range ensures that you will find all the tools you need for cavity and crown preparation as well as for veneers or any other application.

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